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I recently wrote regarding the proper use of “myself” and its emerging widespread misuse. I’ve recently come across a few others who share similar gripes. Here are their attempts:

There are also more extensive sets of grammar topics and instruction here [via SAT + ACT + writing] and here [via BelajarBersamaSaya].

Written by benferguson

2006 Aug 14 at 19:54

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  1. Hey, may I contribute a personal peeve? How ’bout the misuse of “I” vs “Me”? As in:

    “They came here with Tom and I.” WRONG!!!
    “You may visit to Tom or I at our home address.” WRONG!!!
    “It doesn’t matter to him or me.” RIGHT!!!

    Apparently quite a few people don’t know which to use at any given time. I’ve heard TV newscasters and radio announcers make the mistake over and over.

    When did they stop teaching proper grammar in Grammar school? Why was it ever called “grammar school” to begin with?


    2006 Aug 31 at 16:47

  2. Does anyone know what a “contraction” is, in relation to language/grammar? It’s the difference between, for example:
    It’s vs. It is or It has
    Hasn’t vs. Has not
    Wasn’t vs Was not
    Didn’t vs. Did not

    Notice the pattern? The apostrophe is a place holder for a missing letter. That’s (that is) what a contraction is!


    2006 Aug 31 at 16:58

  3. Yo Deena. Oh man, the I vs. me thing really bugs me too. I’ve actually been working on a draft on precisely that topic!


    2006 Sep 1 at 07:56

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