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Definately Fixing Alot Of Americas Grammar 1 Word At A Thyme

Spelling Lesson: Definately

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Okay people, here’s the thing:

“Definately” isn’t a word.

The next time you feel the urge to guess at it, remind yourself of the existence of certain things like finite numbers, definitive versions, the concept of infinity, definite evidence, finite verbs, and definitive proof, which definitely do not contain the letter “a.”

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Written by benferguson

2006 Aug 31 at 12:18

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  1. I have always been really good at spelling, but this is the ONE word in the English language that I have consistently misspelled for years without even realizing it. So now the correct spelling just looks wrong and weird to me. I actually prefer the spelling definately, even tho I now know it’s wrong (by the way, I spelled “though” wrong on purpose, because I am an advocate of at least limited spelling reform, starting with the dropping of “gh” where it is not pronounced). I guess I’ll just have to start getting used to spelling it definitely. Most people probably just don’t know they’re spelling it wrong, like I used to not know.


    2008 Jul 23 at 12:42

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