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I know this is a blog about language and words and grammar and all that stuff, and that Roman numerals are, well, numerical, but this is just too pathetic to pass on passing on.

Proofreaders at the University of Florida appear to have failed the Pepsi challenge.

UF has called off a massive giveaway of Gator T-shirts, paid for by Pepsi, upon realizing that Roman numerals intended to denote the year”2006″ on the shirts actually translated into “26” in standard Arabic numerals.

“The giveaway was halted,” said Mike Hill, UF’s associate athletics director for external affairs. “We identified the problem on the first day of distribution and the giveaway was halted.”

The T-shirts, distributed to about 4,000 students picking up football tickets Tuesday, were also scrutinized by Pepsi proofreaders before distribution. Neither party noticed the problem initially, but staff distributing the shirts and the students who received them discovered the error Tuesday, Hill said.

To denote the year 2006, the shirts should have featured the numerals “MMVI,” not “XXVI.”

[Thanks Dr. Free-Ride.]

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2006 Sep 5 at 12:46

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