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Pronunciation and Homer Simpson

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We live in a fast-paced world, and sometimes it seems that our speech cannot quite keep up – with words pronounced in the easiest way rather than articulated thoughtfully.  There is a distinct difference between nuclear and nucular, and yet we understand when we hear.  What do we think of the person uttering the second, though?  I know just what I think of Homer Simpson, and I won’t debase our fine blog with those thoughts, although those who put the words into his mouth may have their finger right on the pulse. 

And sometimes I think if someone with enough “je ne sais quoi” (… social status, is that the phrase?) says something in a particular way, we all want to copy, be just the same, just as trendy or just as powerful. 

Is that why so many people seem to be saying “intregal” rather than “integral”?

Written by Bronwyn

2006 Sep 8 at 03:21

Posted in pronunciation

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  1. […] I posted about nucular and nuclear last time, and cannot help wondering if “nucular” has become the new pronunciation, or whether it is confined to two particular television stars.  […]

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