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I could care less if you read this

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Your ex has just posted a way snarky comment about you on MySpace. “Hah!” you type madly on your profile, “I could care less!”

You could? If you could care less, then that means you do care, because you are capable of caring less than you do now. After reading your response, your ex is undoubtedly smiling in that self-satisfied way that you despise.

care lessIf, however, you fire off a comment proclaiming “Listen, loser, I couldn’t care less,” then you’ve expressed your true feelings. You are incapable of caring less. The matter means nothing to you; you don’t care about it at all. Let’s just see if the one-who-must-not-be-named cares about that.

Written by tiffanytaylor

2006 Sep 18 at 07:17

Posted in grammar, word choice

2 Responses

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  1. Ha! For some reason I thought the two were the same!? Sheeeeesh.


    2006 Nov 2 at 13:58

  2. For those people who use it, “I could care less” clearly means the same as “I couldn’t care less”. This seems to be an example of two sentences where the presence or absence of negation doesn’t change the meaning as in
    I know squat about grammar.
    I don’t know squat about grammar.


    2007 Feb 7 at 13:10

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