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Definately Fixing Alot Of Americas Grammar 1 Word At A Thyme

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quizHere’s a nifty online quiz you can take to see how you stack up in the areas of grammar and word choice. It covers all the sorts of things that this blog talks about, and it makes crystal clear, yet again, the fact that English is a nightmare sort of language.

If you want to know how I did the quiz, you’ll have to go to the next page so I don’t give away any answers.

I missed one question: the one that asks about a while vs. awhile vs. for a while. The quiz gives the answer as “all of the above.” I was prepared to argue the point that only “a while” is correct, but after doing some follow-up research, I find that I was, indeed, wrong. Look for an entry on a while and awhile, coming soon to a blog near you!

Written by tiffanytaylor

2006 Sep 20 at 09:07

Posted in grammar, word choice

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  1. Totally had to guess on the further/farther one. Any idea what the difference is off the top of your head?


    2006 Sep 20 at 10:27

  2. My gut usage has always been that “farther” refers to actual physical distance, and “further” is a sort of virtual distance. I’ve just looked it up, and various references confirm that “farther” denotes physical advancement in distance (run farther down the road), whereas “further” denotes additional time, amount, or other abstract matters (read further in a book, or further your education). The two words were more or less interchangeable in the past, and apparently the divergence is fairly recent. In British English, “further” is used much more frequently and can have either meaning.


    2006 Sep 21 at 07:41

  3. i tried taking the test but i can’t. instead of that quiz, i went to a page where it began with “you’re gay.” you wouldn’t want to know the rest.


    2006 Oct 11 at 18:56

  4. Hm, I got the same ‘you’re gay’ page. What gives?! I LOOOOOOOVE doing quizzes, so I’m quite disappointed now.



    2006 Nov 2 at 13:56

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