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Headline: “No Offense: This World Series has been tough to watch”

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I saw this wonderful headline this morning from the Seattle P-I. “No Offense: This World Series has been tough to watch.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: MLB
Nobody is hitting and it is brutal to watch. I cannot believe these are the two best teams in baseball.

Through three games neither team is hitting above .200.

The article is about how both the Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals who are facing each other in a best-of-seven World Series aren’t hitting enough to make these games exciting.

The wordplay in the headline shows the difference in how stressing a syllable can change the meaning of a word. In the context of the headline OF-fense means one side going on the attack against another. Of-FENSE means one is hurting the feelings of another. Just in this case, the Seattle P-I writer Chris Ruddick means both the Tigers and the Cardinals batters have no OF-fense in their batting lineup, and fans shouldn’t take of-FENSE that not many people are interested in watching these boring games.

Written by wellaintheworld

2006 Oct 25 at 13:08

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