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Asking the question about pronunciation evolution

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I posted about nucular and nuclear last time, and cannot help wondering if “nucular” has become the new pronunciation, or whether it is confined to two particular television stars. 

Language does evolve, however, and sometimes it is based purely on mistakes that are taken into the language and retained. 

This time, I’m wondering if the situration is confined to my Australia or is worldwide. 

I find myself using this particular pronunciation, and listened as a radio announcer on talkback said exactly the same thing.  Remember when radio hosts were expected to be the examplars of English usage?   This was especially true with the ABC here in Australia. 

 The word is “asked’ , and many of us are now using “arst”. 

Are you?

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Written by Bronwyn

2006 Nov 3 at 19:59

Posted in pronunciation

2 Responses

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  1. I’ve personally never heard “arst” in place of “asked” here in the States, but “axed” is becoming more and more common.


    2006 Nov 3 at 22:09

  2. According to M-W online, “Though disapproved of by many, pronunciations ending in \-ky&-l&r\ have been found in widespread use among educated speakers including scientists, lawyers, professors, congressmen, United States cabinet members, and at least two United States presidents and one vice president. While most common in the U.S., these pronunciations have also been heard from British and Canadian speakers.”

    It’s an understandable change: a reanalysis of “nuclear” with “nuke” as the root, then adding the /ky&l&r/ ending that is found in words like “spectacular” and “ocular”.


    2007 Feb 7 at 12:59

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