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The Greengrocer’s at it again

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Last time I contributed about apostrophes, I mentioned that there is a particular misuse of the apostrophe that is actually named after greengrocers. 

It’s a shame to malign greengrocers because their signs are so cheery, somehow .  Maybe it’s all that crunchy good health. 

But not long after I wrote about Apple’s for $6.95 a kilogram,  our local market was advertising Rosy Ladys for so much per kilogram.  No, there was no apostrophe this time.  But somehow the plural didn’t look right.  

 I have to ask – if one apple is a Rosy lady, are two of them Rosy Ladies or Rosy Ladys?  I don’t want to make assumptions about my local greengrocer just because of a reputation! 

Written by Bronwyn

2006 Dec 2 at 19:46

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  1. […] Anyway it’s good because I finally got around to posting on Language Rules, and have created pages for my new e-books on public speaking.  So that’s an achievement.  […]

    Bronwyn’s Blog

    2006 Dec 6 at 03:51

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