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Perfecting the Perfect Tenses

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I was preparing my lesson plan on Perfect Tenses and, being the forgetful dork that I am, forgot my previous year’s LP in school (for reference). Since I have no intention of hauling my lovely ass back to school before Christmas break is over, I decided to browse around the internet for some ideas and clarifications (hell, after all my students’ questions last year, it’s best to be prepared).

Lo and behold the best site explaining the Perfect Tenses (to adults, at least):

Gareth Jones’s Perfect Tenses

This one’s helpful also: Present Perfect

Now I have to work on motivation and drills. (not to mention translating the explanations into kid-friendly language. ^_^)

Written by reeyah

2006 Dec 26 at 08:43

Posted in English, grammar, language

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  1. I think the internet is wonderful for teachers – of course, I mean those teachers who are smart enough to know when the sites they’re consulting are actually correct.

    I’m off to look at the sites you recommend, and offer you the Grammar Bytes! site ( in return. It’s a GREAT place to get worksheets for middle and high school levels…


    2007 Jan 1 at 13:55

  2. Actually, this is brilliant. I currently need some assistance with another of my (non-native) language problems. It concerns the ‘the/a/0’ dilemma. I think I’m pretty good (though not perfect) at Perfect Tenses (which don’t exist as such in German); however, the ‘the/a/0’ article problem is doing my head in. I’ll write about this separately though. Before I do, I’ll try and do some research myself. Online exercises and such are really helpful :)


    2007 Jan 5 at 11:18

  3. salamatsainyoithelpsmealot


    2010 Oct 13 at 19:24

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