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On the Origin of Species Punctuation

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Neatorama has a dandy of a post today on the roots of some of the punctuation marks that are in use by literally everyone today (well, not necessarily the Prince symbol, but one never knows how many Prince fans are still out there). I find the ampersand story especially interesting. This is a perfect example of how language can change to accommodate ease of use.

Check it out.

Written by benferguson

2007 Jul 9 at 07:41

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Visual vs. Visional

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What is the difference between the two?

I heard that visual refers to what they EYES see, as opposed to visional, which refers to what the MIND sees.  Is there any truth to this?

How can “visional” be used in a sentence?

Last question: Can both words be considered adjective forms of the noun “vision?”

Thank you! :)

Written by reeyah

2007 Jul 6 at 21:37